A resilient Human Network enabled by innovative technologies and guided by an integrative risk management framework is paramount to the economical success of any organisation
Sheraz Ali, Executive Director at ECRRN

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Why Become Our Industry Partner?

Information and communication technologies are the backbone in our modern societies and include mobile and computer devices, communication networks, cloud computing environments and embedded computing technologies. Many of these infrastructures and devices are not secure by design at any reasonable definition of Cyber Security.

When compromised, the loss of these systems cause dramatic loss of data and capabilities, resulting in exposure of private information, financial loss, loss of services and even death.

ECRRN seeks to address ongoing and long-term future needs to research new methods for understanding how these systems can be compromised and fail, how to design cyber systems so they are secure, and how to improve or fix the cyber infrastructure that has already been deployed.

Our current areas of research and investigation to address these challenges include developing and applying new approaches to:

Encryption Technologies
Securing Cloud Computing Services
Compliance & Privacy Technologies
Improved Software Engineering Techniques
Data Encoding and Communication Protocols
Quantum Cyber Security Technologies
Human Elements in Cybersecurity

Due to increasing need of efficient and effective cybersecurity solutions, we are constantly recruiting collaborators, new students and other researchers to join us.

We invite Businesses, Federal Governments, Knowledge and Technology institutions to join us to support us in our mission to “Prepare and Strengthen” Europe for the next Era of Digital Transformation, Defense and Security Challenges. We strive to build bridges between industry, governments, knowledge and technology institutions. By facilitating informal gatherings, we bring together international stakeholders to share insights and knowledge. We seek to build alliances that will effectively help industry to develop and deliver innovative cybersecurity products and services.

ECRRN provides an international platform where representatives of the industry, government, science and politics can discuss and shape the (important) development of policy on critical infrastructure. We want to make people aware of the importance of cyber resilience and what kind of impact it has on society. The key goal is to share knowledge and work together in building a cyber resilient Europe.

By bringing together industry leaders, research institutes, governmental influencers and other stakeholders, ECRRN aims to build cross industry and multidisciplinary alliances which turn our cybersecurity challenges into opportunities for Europe. We address cyber resilience related topics by offering a stage for thought- and industry leaders, facilitating workshops, discussions and applied research.

Please contact us when you would like to learn more about the current opportunities and how you can work with us to improve cybersecurity.