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Sheraz Ali, Executive Director at ECRRN

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Strengthening The Netherlands and United Kingdom’s Cyber Security Alliance

European Cyber Resilience Research Network (ECRRN) Announces Exciting New Industry Partnership with Templar Executives

AMSTERDAM, August 6th, 2018: European Cyber Resilience Research Network (ECRRN) announces an exciting industry partnership with Templar Executives, a world class cyber security company, based in London, United Kingdom.

Why the Partnership?

ECRRN is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Templar Executives, adding to its portfolio of services.

ECRRN’s mission is “…to prepare and strengthen Europe for the next era of Digital Transformation…through cross industry collaboration.” Given that the UK and the Netherlands are two of the leading countries in terms of their preparation for cyber-crime and cyber-warfare, this strategic partnership is a natural one. Templar Executives will be offering training and a range of GCHQ certified awareness courses to complement ECRRN’s existing vulnerability assessment solutions and Cyber Risk and Resilience research services, in the newly established “Cyber Security Academy”.

Across all industries, organisations are looking to stay ahead of technological developments to ensure they keep up with global competition and consumer demands. However, with greater digitisation, comes increased risk, and cybercrime is now one of the biggest challenges facing society today. Cyber-attacks cost the global economy an estimated $600bn per annum and the average cost of a data breach is predicted to exceed $150 million by 2020 . Most organisations, regardless of their size or industry sector, are only a breach away from serious business disruption. In response to this ever-growing threat, Cyber Security has been made a Tier One priority of the Dutch government’s foreign policy and they have been “actively engaged in…the promotion of practical cooperation in cyberspace.”

Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and persistent, focusing on individuals and organisational infrastructure. Now more than ever, companies need to determine how effectively they are addressing their Cyber Security resilience. Where many businesses are falling down is in their ability to address the human elements in the security chain. This exciting partnership with Templar Executives will help organisations to build a sustainable and holistic Information Assurance and Cyber Security capability, by providing access to a world class portfolio of training and education courses.

How will our partnership add value to improving the Cyber Security posture of businesses and governments in Europe?

Our “full spectrum” of twenty-two Cyber Security programmes, courses and e-Learning solutions covers nine key topic areas ranging from Cyber Counter Terrorism to Organisational Resilience. With these courses, we support Executive Boards and Heads of Agencies with effectively and efficiently improving the resiliency of their organisations against complex Cyber Security risks. According to Mr. Sheraz Ali, Executive Director of ECRRN “Our valued “Cyber Security Academy“offers our clients a “Quantum Leap” in strengthening the “HUMAN Network” of their organisations against evolving Cyber Security Threats.” Rekha Babber, Templar Executives Cyber Academy MD commented, “In terms of Cyber Security, business leaders need to set the tone from the top for their employees and continue to mature the culture if they are going to develop and sustain effective Cyber resilience for their organisations.”

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About Templar Executives

Templar Executives is an award winning, international Cyber Security company trusted by Governments and multi-national organisations across all sectors. Templar Executives’ unique capability and experience optimises business outcomes through a holistic and tailored portfolio of Cyber Security services and solutions encompassing people, process, culture and technology. The company operates at the highest levels across the public and private sectors, helping shape national and corporate strategies and policies and embedding best practices and cyber resilience capability, to provide a competitive edge for organisations.

Templar Executives’ world class expertise includes: Cyber Security consulting and independent information security auditing (including GDPR), crisis management and incident response, industry leading training and GCHQ certified courses and innovative technology solutions such as BLADE, for gathering and analysing cyber intelligence, and the Cyber Risk Calculator.