Business Driven Cyber Defense

Defining, Measuring and Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Cyber Security Strategy of your organisation. 

Governments, enterprises and core business functions are becoming increasingly dependent on IT in cyberspace. Refined, stealthy and persistent cyberattacks mainly focused on cyber resources and organizational infrastructures are increasingly urging the need for an efficient and effective Cyber Security Strategy for our IT systems and those who depend on them.

An average business spends $15 million per year on battling cybercrime. According to a recent report time to detect a breach went from 205 days in 2014 to 146 days in 2015. According to another report Cybercrime costs projected to reach $2 trillion by 2019 and $6 trillion by 2021.

Conventional business, information security and static risk management practices are no longer appropriate in a rapidly changing world in which system interdependence and information density accompany greatest challenges. Therefore, the major challenge an average CIO is nowadays facing is: 

How to Capture, Create and Deliver Business Value with IT, in a Secure, Reliable, Cost Effective and Simple Manner?
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