Achieving Interoperable, Reliable and Secure Cyberspace: 3 Key North Atlantic (Europe, Canada and U.S.A) Strategic Cybersecurity Challenges

Allow me to share with you the summary of my explorative study conducted between January 2017 to May 2017 in Europe, Canada and U.S.A. I went on this journey to identify key challenges executive boards are facing in effectively and efficiently managing cyber risks in their organizations. More then 40 senior business and government executives in professional services, defense and intelligence communities contributed to this study.

We collectively identified three main strategic cybersecurity challenges:
1.    Building and Maintaining Trust
2.    Cross Industry Collaboration
3.    Unified Information Sharing
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6 Steps Risk Management Approach

In order to effectively manage risk a company should at least define strategic, operational, reporting and compliance objectives and should identify internal and external events that have the potential to effect the company’s operations by analyzing the workflows and processes and listing risks and causes, the extent of risk that is faced and the impact of identified risks on company’s operations. Read More…