Raising phishing awareness: a unique approach to efficiently and cost effectively raise phishing awareness of your employees.

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February 29th – 1st March 2016, Strand Palace, London, UK 
Every single day, businesses are losing hundreds of millions of dollars due to phishing attacks. Individuals like you and me are suffering from its severe consequences. While the cybercrime is on the rise, CIO’s are struggling to find an efficient and cost effective way to raise phishing awareness of their employees. Phishing attacks have become one of the major threats to the IT systems of enterprises as well as one of the success factors of Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) According to Gartner, 3.6 million clients in the U.S. alone had lost capital due to phishing attacks. The losses had been reached up to approximately U.S. 3.2 billion.

Every year enterprises invest billions of dollars in enhancing their Cyber Security. According to a recent survey 90% of the CIO’s indicated that they invest between 90% and 95% in technology and 5%-10% in training People. In order to cope with the growing phishing threats most organizations have the following countermeasures in place to raise phishing awareness of their employees: 

  • Comprehensive Information security policy
  • Information Security trainings
  • Computer trainings

Those countermeasures to raise phishing awareness are not effective as they:

  • Do not address individual differences (e.g. personality traits and cognitive factors)
  • Have no mechanism to measure their effectiveness
  • Have no mechanism to identify the level of phishing awareness of employees

Question: Do individual differences like personality traits and cognitive factors play a role in phishing susceptibility?

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